Loral LangemeierHi, I’m Loral Langemeier, and people have called me “The Millionaire Maker” because I’ve been making millionaires for 10 years through the products and programs of Live Out Loud. I’ve done it by educating eager, committed people just like you how to make money. I don’t care if you’re just starting on this journey or you’re a long-term successful business owner. You have the ability to be a millionaire…when you know the system, when you know the secrets that millionaires use. Now it’s your turn to put more money in your life. The key to wealth isn’t to stop drinking the daily latte or to live an austere life. The key is to make more money. It doesn’t matter if you work for someone else or yourself. Each of you has a gift and talent that people want and will pay money to receive. Are you ready to learn from me and my team of Master Coaches and experts? Your time starts now.

3 Days to Cash Workshop

I know you want to make more money, but you might not believe you can. Perhaps you’ve never been in business before, don’t believe you have talents people will pay for or believe you’ve done everything you can to grow your existing business. In our 3 Days to Cash Workshop you’ll prove to yourself that you, too, can make money. I and my personally trained Team Leaders work with you to:

  • Uncover your existing talents and gifts that people will pay for
  • Determine your “fastest path to cash”
  • Show you the step-by-step process to make money
  • Coach you to actually make money—REAL MONEY—in our live, on-site marketplace

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or if you’ve been in business for years, 3 Days to Cash Workshop will open your eyes to your path to cash and prove you have the ability to make money. During the workshop you’ll:

  • Create the foundation for several products and services—not just one
  • Develop a revenue model that shows the path to the money you want
  • Learn about marketing strategies that really work—in this economy or any economy
  • Develop and practice your sales talk track
  • Work in small groups with our Live Out Loud-trained Team Leaders
  • Sell one of your products or programs in the Live Out Loud in-person marketplace

Thousands of people just like you have made over a $1 million dollars in our marketplace.

Making money and building a business does not require having money in your pocket. It requires what you’ll learn at 3 Days to Cash—a plan, identification of your special skills and talents, and action. If you need to develop the self-confidence to make money or grow your business, 3 Days to Cash Workshop is the perfect place to start. Check out the schedule for 3 Days to Cash. I lead one monthly in locations all across the U.S., Canada and Australia.

When will you join us?

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Fast Cash Coaching

You’ve come this far on what you know and your smarts. But now what? How do you start a business of your own, advance the business you have or add another? How do you create the life you want? Easy…with a group of sharp Live Out Loud Fast Cash Coaches, trained by me, coupled with access to a community of like-minded, can-do people. It’s so good! With Fast Cash Coaching you’ll have the support of a variety of Coaches who are experts in the key disciplines required to create your plan, make money and move towards the life you want. You’ll:

  • Ask the questions on your mind and get expert answers directly from the Fast Cash Coach
  • Tap into the knowledge you require through weekly access to a variety of Coaches, expert in different key disciplines
  • Gain difference-making insights into Internet marketing, websites, leadership, and more
  • Execute your business or wealth plan to reach your money goals
  • Be accountable to someone, besides yourself, to execute the actions to which you commit and master the mind-set every wealthy person exhibits

And that’s not all. Each week I personally make-over one willing, eager Entrepreneur. You might be one of the people chosen for a personal business or wealth make-over by me!

To participate in Fast Cash Coaching you’ll dial into our private conference line and join our Coaches and other business builders just like you. You can join every call every week or just the ones that cover the most important disciplines needed for your money-making plan. What’s the one thing every person and business needs more of? Money. And that’s what Fast Cash Coaching is all about. Learn More…

Internet Marketing 101

If your business—your Cash Machine–isn’t on the Internet, you’re not really in business. If your business is on the Internet yet you aren’t experiencing any results, it’s time for a change. Your customers are online and looking for businesses just like yours. But it’s not just about having a website or being on Facebook. It’s about having the right website and a strategy for social media to engage with new prospects. This is the perfect place to say YES! and figure out how by joining our cutting-edge Internet Marketing 101 Workshop. Taught by our Live Out Loud Internet Masters, you’ll learn what works, what doesn’t and how to put the right strategies in place for your business—with virtually no budget at all! In Internet Marketing 101 you’ll:

  • Learn about virtually-free systems you can use to develop and run your website, shopping cart and database (for all those people who grab your free offer)
  • Discover what engages visitors to your website… and what sends them away
  • Put the “right” products on your site for sale
  • Learn how to recognize the best keywords to use to bring people to your site
  • Develop your content strategy so you can turn your basic concept into multiple products
  • Learn how the copy on your site can engage visitors and bring them back again and again

Internet Marketing 101 is an 8-week, virtual program which covers every critical, must-know topic you require to succeed on-line. You’ll love our Master Internet Coaches and engage with them to get your specific questions answered because you’ll have amazing access to them. Look at this:

  • 1 hour each week of Internet Marketing group content instruction and coaching
  • 6 hours each week of open resource line calls

That’s 88 hours of Internet Marketing coaching with my team. These are the very people who help me formulate and execute our Live Out Loud Internet Marketing strategy! My team becomes your team! I wanted to make this program even more valuable to you. So we’ve added—as a bonus—8-weeks of access to the Fast Cash Coaching program.

It’s so good!

And then we thought… let’s make it even better. So as another bonus you’ll have full access to all of the Live Out Loud community and coaching forums and be able to use them for networking and uncover business opportunities. It’s time to stop being busy on-line and start being productive! This is the best place to start. Grab my offer to use my personal Internet Marketing Team to teach you what we know and do! Learn More…

Loral’s Big Table

You know you can make money. You have that belief in yourself. But your question is how? You want the details—the insights—about how to create real cash so you can leave your J-O-B, accelerate your business growth and get your lazy assets working for you.

Are you ready for the most powerful business and wealth-building program ever?

Loral’s Big Table, which I created to produce the biggest business and wealth changes possible, is the ultimate one-year commitment to your wealth building. And while it’s a one-year program, you’re starting a journey that will transform your life forever!

At the Big Table you’ll be joined by about 50 like-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to their success and yours. You’ll come to South Lake Tahoe, the home of Live Out Loud, three times over the year for two days each. There you’ll work with my hand-picked team of business and wealth experts to learn the skills every successful entrepreneur has. You’ll use this new knowledge to advance your plan and to be in the “right” action.

Learn More…

Big Table Alumni

You’ve completed 3 Days to Cash and know you can make money. You’ve tackled Loral’s Big Table and created your plan to accelerate your Cash Machine and wealth. Now what? Now you ask yourself… “How do I stay in the conversation? How do I stay motivated and inspired? How do I stay in a community by like-minded people? You know you’ve started a journey, the transformation of your life, a shot-in-the-arm to your financial success. This wasn’t a one year or two year effort and then you’re done. So how do you keep that transformation…and your results…moving forward? In our Alumni program graduates of the Big Table unite for a year-long program of support, inspiration and resources to rush you forward to your Financial Freedom day. Ten years, almost 100 Tables and just about 5,000 people have gone before you. The power in this community is beyond words. There is at least one person, if not many, in Alumni who have the skills and insight you’re looking for. Your job is to network and find who you need and who needs you. Through Alumni you’ll:

  • Stay connected and motivated to accomplish your plan
  • Meet hundreds of new people and resources you’ve identified as important for your growth
  • Pump up your motivation by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who understand the transformative journey you are on
  • Vote and create the content of each Alumni that best matches the needs of your business and wealth plan

Alumni is a one-year program highlighted by a live, in-person event in a fabulous location like Napa, San Diego or Park City. Your Alumni program includes:

  • An in-person, four-day event at the end of July each year
  • Amazing world-renown guest speakers like Stedman Graham, Armin Morin, Les Brown, Nik Halik and Joseph Micelli
  • Our VIP dinner complete with awards and fun contests…like the best impression of me
  • Year-long access to free calls about business and wealth building
  • Laser Coaching each month
  • Completely free re-attendance to Loral’s Big Table… read that again; a free second go-round to the Big Table
  • My weekly live coaching broadcast every Tuesday

Alumni is the power that builds your vision, larger than you can image right now, and makes it happen. Alumni delivers the connections and muscle to explode what you’re doing. Alumni brings the relationships and connections that can change your life. As you complete the Big Table, Alumni is the program that keeps you on your journey. Join me and hundreds and thousands of our finest, most committed people. Learn More…

YES! Energy Challenge

I want all of you to make money, and I know you want to make money, too. Yet so many of you aren’t. I’m tired of you not making money, of not doing the things we know—and teach—that will turn your Cash Machine into a six-figure business. So we did something about it. We created the YES! Energy CHALLENGE. We know exactly what every business owner must do to make money. Are you ready to follow our system? Do precisely what we direct you to do, report in each week and we guarantee—GUARANTEE—that you’ll have a six-figure business, that you’ll put at least $100,000 new bucks into your business, or we’ll refund the money from this program.

Pretty good, right?

Only 100 people will be accepted into this stunning program. You must apply to be accepted and participate. We are looking to people who are committed to their success, and are 100% committed to doing the things we know create six-figure growth.

Things like:

  • Making sales calls every day
  • Creating and executing a business plan
  • Forming and executing a marketing plan
  • Developing a database and talking to them

Now you have something most businesses only dream about—

  • The exact plan to add at least $100,000 to your Cash Machine
  • A YES! Energy Master Coach for support
  • A guarantee you’ll succeed when you follow our plan and provide your weekly accountability evidence
  • It’s almost like I’m talking in your ear and guiding your moves.

If you’re committed to your success… if you’re tired of working hard and having not enough to show for it… if you are ready to do the work…you just might be one of the 100 people chosen for the YES! Energy CHALLENGE. All you have to do to apply is call the office (+1(888) 262-2402 US – or – (02) 9247 4900 AU) and ask a Strategist for the application. Or if you’re a person of action, click below and submit your application on-line. Apply Now!

YES! Energy Coaching Certification

You’ve got the drive. You have the commitment to grow…if only you didn’t have to create your own business from scratch. Well, you don’t have to. We’ve create a program for you to build a business using my very best content and material.

You can become a YES! Energy Coach.

I’ve had a personal mantra for years—say YES and figure out how. This “yes energy”, as I call it, has led to some of my biggest successes. YES! is powerful. The person in any negotiation that brings the most YES! Energy usually wins the deal. The person with the most YES! Energy is usually the most powerful and compelling person in the room. YES! Energy has always been the secret to my success.

What is YES! Energy? It’s the equation to do less and make more.

As a YES! Energy Coach you will create a coaching business of your own using our YES! Energy methodology. We are harnessing the power of YES for everyone to use this positive energy and mindset to create change in the world and change in their own lives and business—through you! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced or first-time coach. YES! Energy Coaching will:

  • Give you a proven foundation to build a coaching practice or add this powerful methodology to your existing business
  • Enable you to build a successful business without needing to create unique content of your own
  • Become a sought-after resource to speak on stages and as a guest in webinars
  • Interact with a community of other YES! Energy Coaches for support and insight
  • Be a force in building the momentum and power of YES! Energy around the world

Through our YES! Energy Coaching Certification program we’ll teach you everything you need to deliver the YES! Energy methodology and to build your coaching practice:

  • 12 weeks of intensive YES! Energy training
  • 18 hours of specialized training on how to maximize your revenue with YES! Energy
  • 12 copies of YES! Energy: The Equation to Do Less and Make More
  • 2 business packs filled with my most important and useful books and products
  • 2 Millionaire Maker games
  • Your own YES! Energy Coach, trained by me, to help you navigate through the training and coaching delivery

Now you’ll be certified to coach three different YES! Energy seminars:

  • 8-week “Find Your Yes! Energy” Webinar
  • 3-month One-on-One Yes! Energy Coaching
  • 6-month One-on-One Yes! Energy Coaching

What I love about YES! Energy Coaching is that not only will you have a proven, winning program to reach your Financial Freedom day, you’ll be using my YES! Energy formula to bring YES! Energy to people all over the world!

Become a YES! Energy Coach!

Wealth Acceleration Coaching (One-on-One Coaching)

This economy has set back many people on their plans to build their wealth, retire or enjoy the freedoms that money brings. You know that cutting out the latte and living small will not create the live you want. What you have to do is make more money, not cut your expenses. Millionaires are not made by cutting expenses. They are made by making more money…and they don’t call me the Millionaire Maker for no good reason!

I created Wealth Acceleration One-on-One Coaching to rediscover your dream and act to make it happen.

In Wealth Acceleration Coaching you’ll:

  • Discover your unique, personal step-by-step process to build or rebuild your wealth
  • Uncover your specific and specialized wealth-building talents and skills
  • Learn how to activate and control your wealth rather than “park and pray” as we’ve all been taught
  • Create a plan for your money to make money and to realign your “lazy assets” to get that money working again
  • Build complete confidence that you can get from where you are to where you want to be

I’ve designed this program to enable you to find your own path to wealth. I know it’s not just about the money. Your goal is to attain the things that financial freedom brings, like no money worries, only good debt, your money making money and the ability to give to your family and favorite causes.

Wealth Acceleration Coaching includes:

  • 2 one-on-one , 30 minute private coaching sessions each month with one of my personally-trained Live Out Loud Master Coaches, chosen on the basis of what you want to accomplish
  • Daily scheduled video, audio and email messages from me to strengthen your motivation and create laser focus
  • Special, exclusive 20-30 minute streaming videos each month that tackle important wealth-building skills and information available only to program members
  • Access to our incredible library of wealth-building topics delivered as video, audio and forms
  • Every Tuesday LIVE and exclusive video coaching sessions with one of my Live Out Loud Master Coaches
  • Access to the Fast Cash Coaching forum and blogs moderated by me and my team of wealth-building experts
  • Live wealth make-overs (you could be one!)
  • Question and answer opportunities for you to get your specific questions addressed, eliminate your challenges and clear your vision to your goal
  • Discussion of “money rules” and how you create the rules by which your money will live and grow
  • Discussions about asset management, how to reorganize your “lazy”, non-producing assets, wealth-building strategies that millionaires use, and how to add real estate to your wealth-building plans

If it’s time for you to step up to actively plan and manage your wealth, time for you to recommit to your retirement income, time for you to change the wealth coming into your life, it’s time for you to step up to Wealth Acceleration One-on-One Coaching. Learn More…

Business Acceleration Coaching (One-on-One Coaching)

Here’s something critical I really want you to know—every millionaire, every person who has created the wealth they desire—owns a business of their own. Every one. I don’t care if you work for someone else right now or have had your own business for years. Owning and building a business is the fastest path to cash. I also recognize that being in business might not be something you know how to do or you might have done a great job with your current business but don’t know how to accelerate its growth. I developed Business Acceleration Coaching to address this because I know making money will get you to your dreams, to the freedoms you want.

Business Acceleration Coaching is for you if you are seeking these results:

  • A clear path to leave your J-O-B behind for something you develop and own
  • More money coming into your life by selling your skills and talents—you have them and people want to pay for them
  • The opportunity to create legitimate tax deductions and increased personal liability protection
  • Money coming in every day for your efforts

I’ve personally designed this program because I’m the first person to tell you…I want you to quit your job! We actually celebrate when you announce you’re giving your notice because there is so much more passion, fun, excitement and, yes, work, in your future when you own your own business.

This is the ultimate way to reach your financial freedom goals and to enjoy what that freedom brings–not just money but all the real things you desire like no money worries, only good debt, working on something you enjoy, building for yourself (not that company you work for) and the ability to give to your family and favorite causes.

Business Acceleration Coaching includes:

  • 2 one-on-one , 30 minute private coaching session each month with one of my personally-trained Live Out Loud Master Coaches, chosen on the basis of what you want to accomplish
  • Daily scheduled video, audio and email messages from me to strengthen your motivation and create laser focus
  • Special, exclusive 20-30 minute streaming videos each month that tackle important business-building skills and information available only to program members
  • Access to our incredible library of business-building topics delivered as video, audio and forms
  • Every Tuesday LIVE and exclusive video coaching sessions with one of my Live Out Loud Master Coaches
  • Access to the Fast Cash Coaching forum and blogs moderated by me and my team of business-building experts
  • Live business make-overs (you could be one!)
  • Question and answer opportunities for you to get your specific questions addressed, eliminate your challenges and clear your vision to your goal
  • Discussion of “money rules” and how you create the rules by which your money will live and grow
  • Discussions about critical business skills like leadership, marketing, sales and financial literacy

I think it’s time you stepped up to live the life you want, time for you to make money on your talent, skills and passions, time for you to transformation your life and that of your family. It’s time for you to say YES to Business Acceleration One-on-One Coaching. Learn More…