1 On 1 Wealth Coaching


Imagine a coaching relationship totally focused on YOU, your Freedom Day Goals, and your ultimate financial lifestyle…

Imagine being coached by someone that can show you a step by step process to building wealth and help you to identify your specialized wealth building skills…

Imagine being held accountable week after week watching your success reach new levels and your financial success soar…

Imagine becoming a wealth-builder and knowing how to control your wealth instead of the “park and pray” method, which leaves most people feeling hopeless and uncertain about their financial future…

Imagine complete confidence in your current financial situation and your long-term wealth outlook…

With her team of coaches and mentors, “The Millionaire Maker”, Loral Langemeier, has created the most powerful ONE ON ONE Wealth Coaching Program available today. There is no other personal or professional relationship that will support you in achieving your goals more than this program.

Loral’s ONE ON ONE COACHING (Business and / or Wealth Building) is designed with an extraordinary level of support and encouragement – and one thing you should know about our coaches, they are direct, focused, and will always tell you the truth, because they see your success potential even more than you see yourself.

ONE ON ONE Wealth Coaching is designed to help you on your path to wealth.

This program gives you all the benefits of Fast Cash Coaching PLUS one on one coaching twice each month.

Here is what ONE ON ONE Wealth Coaching includes:

  • Two One on One coaching sessions with a personally selected coach to help you reach your goals.
  • Every Tuesday, exclusive, LIVE INTERACTIVE streaming video coaching sessions with Loral Loral’s team of coaches.
  • Live business makeovers (by application).
  • Extensive Question and Answer periods to help eliminate challenges and create fast cash.
  • Specific marketing, sales, time management, and organizational tactics that can be implemented immediately.
  • Looped homework and follow up from one client to the other.
  • Team building and networking exercises to help build your sustainable team.
  • Access to the Fast Cash Coaching Forum and Blogs moderated by Loral and my team of experts.
  • Access to a variety of hand-picked library of videos, audios, and forms on-demand to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

Through group or one on one discussions, ONE ON ONE Wealth Coaching teaches the following:

Real Estate Investing:

Real Estate is a vital component in every wealth plan, and more fortunes have been created through real estate investing than any other industry. Wealth Acceleration Coaching teaches you how to make real estate a part of your wealth plan, covering elements of both active and passive investing. Tele-seminars cover steps to success, strategies, analysis and deal making, and coaches can also spend time discussing specific deals on the resource line.

  • Foreclosure Properties
  • Seller Finance Opportunities
  • Buy, Fix and Flip

Ecommerce and Internet Marketing:

With today’s fast paced marketplace, many business owners are optimizing by taking their businesses online or creating a business through web channels. Statistics show that consumers are spending money faster online than in many other situations. With your specialized coaching, we can teach you how to create that web presence and optimize it for maximum traffic and success.

  • Social Marketing
  • Web Design and Content Practices
  • Blogging

Business Start Up and Growth Development:

Whether you are starting a new business or working to grow your existing one, our Business Development coaches can help you map your way to success. Using your specific plan and guidelines, together you will determine the type of business that is right for you and what planning and foundation needs to go into place to protect your journey. If you already have made that jump, your coach can help make your business stronger by teaching you new marketing concepts and helping you to tighten and align your team.

  • Learn the ABC’s of advertising
  • Strategy Optimization
  • How to talk to your customer
  • Up-selling
  • Gap Analysis

Cash Machine Development:

If you are not sure what your specific direction is, then our Wealth Coaches can go to work for you. Many people don’t even realize the answer to their financial concerns sit within skills and talents you may already have. Your coach will take you through your personal skill set and help you to identify possible cash machines.

  • Identify your skills to make money and put new cash in your pocket RIGHT NOW
  • Put a solid plan of action in place to implement your machine
  • Establish marketing practices to get your machine revving
  • Develop numerous Cash Machines to keep your personal economy strong

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Schedule a consultation with a trained Live Out Loud Strategist to see how this program can benefit you (consultation is free of charge). This program has worked for hundreds of clients. Ask your strategist about testimonials of success. They have had the opportunity of meeting and working with people in the community who have become wealthy in spite of consumer debt problems or other complications.

A Note From Loral:

This incredible ONE ON ONE Wealth Coaching will challenge and enable you to succeed. When you join any of my coaching or mentoring programs, success is not an option — it is a requirement.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to become a part of the expansive and innovative Live Out Loud Community.

In this program you will be coached by the best coaches money can buy. Don’t underestimate how six months of focused action with expert guidance can impact both your cash flow and your broader investment goals. 1 on 1 Wealth Coaching means working with MY experts and access to MY resources.

You will be among an amazing community of wealth builders who are just as excited as I am about the positive changes in their lives. Clients who successfully complete this program are often ready to work directly with me at Loral’s Big Table. I hope to see YOU there at the big table and share in your success!